MP admitted to hospital

Yesterday we noted reports emerging in the national press about David Warburton. A series of serious allegations were made about the MP for Somerton & Frome.

We understand that earlier today Mr Warburton was admitted to a psychiatric hospital to be treated for severe shock and stress. 


  • Trial by media – this is becoming too hideous. Surely the press should not decide who is guilty – & therefore hold back. ‘Innocent til proven guilty’ seems to be gone.

    • William Hardwick

      Sorry Deborah, if he’s a Tory….then the odds are he’s as guilty as sin. They are the Nasty Party, after all and seem to attract such people, like flies on a dog turd. If he’s also a bloody politician then it’s a no-brainer……They know the ropes when they put themselves forward for what is not just any old ordinary kind of life, as you seem to imply….if he thought he was above it all, capable of handling the scandals, then he’s also naive…another nail in his coffin. No sympathy at all.

      • In the last five years, seven (SEVEN) Labour MPs have been found guilty of criminal offences. And I don’t mean speeding. Yet you call the Tories the Nasty Party. Two weeks after Angela Raynor labelled all Tories as Scum, one Tory MP was murdered. Yet you call them the Nasty Party. Have a word with yourself.

  • Clearly not nice for the persons involved. But to get suspended by the Conservative party!!! takes some doing – with their current Cabinet’s litany of misdeeds, corruption, lies, misogyny and money grabbing. Considering the Times and Telegraph seem to have led the charge maybe said MP has something to be truly concerned about?

  • Wonder if his alleged victims can afford therapy? Also keen to understand why he borrowed money from a person who was rejected by the FCA and didn’t bother to declare it. And why make so many public statements about victims of middle class drug taking when he partook (allegedly). Finally why were we as constituents not aware of the first two complainants?

  • Has anybody else living in Somerset with serious mental difficulties managed to find help within 24 hours? Well done Mr Warburton

  • Christopher Noble

    Like the “shock and stress” that he was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for, presumably the shock and stress of being found out! His voting record was appalling. In it for number one only like all Tories.

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