Chinnock Hollow update

We recently reported on the delay to investigations into a landslip on the Chinnock Hollow lane at East Chinnock. The road was closed after a landslip in February 2021. It is still closed today. Work on getting a survey done didn’t get underway until October 2021. Cllr Oliver Patrick told us “For some reason this geotechnical analysis only arrived with SCC Highways in mid-Feb 2022! I only know this because the Highways officer responsible for this issue phoned me and said “we’ve got it!”

However things are starting to happen.

A public meeting was scheduled at Haslebury Mill on the 18 February. Which, as it turned out, was the very day that Storm Eunice hit the Somerset! That meeting has been rescheduled for 25 March at Cott Farm Barn, East Chinnock BA22 9ES from 7pm.

Meanwhile Somerset County Council have finally issued a statement. It does not make happy reading for residents of East Chinnock. The results of the testing revealed that there is a substantial risk of another landslide. Potentially even larger, in the same area of the Hollow. Engineers also spotted further areas of instability at different points along the road. SCC now say they will need to carry out further in-depth assessments to understand the hazards involved.

Options to make the immediate area around the landslide safe and reopen the road are outlined in the report. Including a £200k scheme to secure a section of the slope.

If you’d like to read the report into the state of the road and landslip, you can do so here:

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