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One comment

  • Resonating with this ‘octogenarian’ Northcliffe’s ‘dictum’ let light e’re shine on power, less that power corrupts’ the ‘escutcheon’ of the ‘lamented’ Reg Dickenson, sometime Editor in Chief, Western Daily Press, member of Reuters, on retirement ‘consultant’ to Sir Ray Tindle’s West Country Publications; fashioned in the ‘mould’ of ‘ink-journalism’ pace ‘Lesser’ Columbus! We live in ‘troubled’ times, pace algorithms & the ‘false’ panacea of everything digital; whither the ‘journalist/proprietorship’ of yesteryear? A salutary lesson, the demise of the ‘written-word’!*

    What this ‘octogenarian’ gives witness in the ‘wilful’ emasculation of the Bristol & ‘local’ publications’ without a journalistic ‘whimper’ with notable exemptions, a ‘latent’ acquiescence across the industry, compounded in an ‘inept’ Cairncross Review ‘shuttled-off’ to the House of Lords. Reach Plc Trinity Mirror) the ‘transitory-custodians’ never read Publish & Be Dammed, Hugh Cudlipp a ‘History’ of the Harmsworths? (Sunny ‘spinning’ in his grave!)

    What the LEVELLER has achieved in a ‘decennial’ against the odds of the false ‘panacea’ of everything digital; embraced by Bristol Cable & contemporary ‘pamphleteers’ (Chapter VI On Ink-Spilling: WDP) the ‘largest’ circulation, Somerset ‘NEWSPAPER – Truth to Power’! The writer a fervent belief in the next local-authority ‘quinquennial’ a ‘pan-publication’ LEVELLER across the ‘historic’ Shire County of Somerset; a hunger & thirsting to quote ‘nonagenarian Sir Ray Tindle whose 220 titles from the Abergavenny Chronicle to the Cowbridge Gem, in a ​valedictory message asserted “Local news in depth is what people need” supported by someone at the opposite end of the media food chain, Sir Martin Sorrell former head of the world’s biggest advertising company, advocating advertiser should keep ‘faith’ with newspapers; therein the challenge!

    C B Fawcett, Professor of Geography, Newcastle University, who did all the basic work & drew up boundaries for Bristol’ Province’ decades ago; therein what should be the ‘vision’ for WECA/Somerset/Shire/Unitary/City & County of Bristol, the latter by its history, the ‘administrative’ capital?

    “So now the Mirror of the Day,
    The gift most lavish, and the last,
    Lies waiting, Woman, in your way,
    To show your face, to hold the past,
    To catch each ray the time outpours,
    And flash it back.The glass is yours”. (Dedication in the first issue of Northcliffes daily news-paper for gentlewomen.)

    *Greater Bristol: Lesser Columbus: Pelham Press Ltd. Chapter VI On Ink-Spilling (WDP)
    Burning the Books: Richard Ovenden: ISBN 978 – 1 – 529 – 37875 – 7)

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