Honey or Syrup? MP says you should know

Ian Liddell Grainger today waded into the debate about the import of Chinese honey to the UK. The debate about Chinese honey has been raging for the past 3 years. The UK imports 50,000 tons of honey each year.

Mr Liddell Grainger, MP for Bridgwater & West Somerset, claims consumers are being duped. He notes the claims that much imported ‘honey’ is adulterated with corn syrup and flavourings. And now he wants to stop adulterated imports undercutting genuine British honey and threatening local producers’ sales. He says “At the moment some so-called honey is available for as little as 69 pence a jar. Two things are certain about that: the contents are not what they claim to be – and whatever they are they have never seen the inside of a hive.”

The MP today penned a letter to Secretary of State for the Environment, George Eustice demanding that the Government brings forward regulations to differentiate genuine, craft honey from inferior industrial products at the point of sale.

Of course the best way to be sure your honey is 100% – well honey – is to buy from a local producer. Happily Somerset has many and they are very good. Your local food store will almost certainly stock at least one variety:


  • Sedgemoor Honey Farm
  • Stream Farm Honey
  • Tengore Honey

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