Chinnock Hollow

Following bad weather around a year ago, a landslip blocked Chinnock Hollow on 25 February 2021. Chinnock Hollow is a lane running north from the centre of the village of East Chinnock. Land slips are not easy things to fix. Tell that to the residents of Ilminster and Curry Rivel. In 2014 the B3168 was closed for months following a landslip on the edge of Ilminster. Repairs did not even begin until October. The road closure killed passing trade between the two and pretty much finished off the Old Barn Owl, now closed down and converted into housing.

So back to Chinnock Hollow. Cllr Oliver Patrick told us that despite the road being closed in February 2021, investigations were delayed again and again. Only in October 2021 was some vegetation clearance was undertaken and a geotechnical analysis was completed by contractor WSP.

That should have led to some analysis and then some preparation for restorative road works. Unfortunately as Cllr Patrick told us “For some reason this geotechnical analysis only arrived with SCC Highways in mid-Feb 2022! I only know this because the Highways officer responsible for this issue phoned me and said “we’ve got it!”

So after a year there is still no plan to fix the road. And no timetable either.

Ironically a public meeting was called to discuss the situation. It was meant to take place at Haslebury Mill on the 18 February. Guess what? The very day that Storm Eunice hit the Somerset! Really you couldn’t make it up. So the meeting had to be postponed.

It will be reconvened and allow local people the chance to challenge why this has all taken so long. When the new date is fixed we’ll let you know.


  • An unacceptable situation for the local population and all those affected. Whilst I aplaude the intervention of Cllr Oliver Patrick in this matter, I’m sure Cllr Mark Keating should be addressing this, where is he?

  • Personally I’m quite happy for it to never reopen as it means a lot less traffic going past my house, we have more than enough traffic using the narrow roads as it is in Odcombe due to the roads from Stoke and ham Hill coming through, we have no footpaths for pedestrians to use

  • Thank you for reporting this disgraceful state of affairs. The closure adds 10 minutes to the time for emergency vehicles from Yeovil to reach Chinnock, Haselbury etc when West Coker is blocked. And the additional mileage of 50 local people who have to go via White Post to travel to/from Chinnock and Odcombe each day is almost 100,000 miles/year – about 13000 litres of fuel.
    Note that it was a dead tree falling that brought down some soil, not a landslip. Lack of tree management was the issue, that’s all.

  • The Hollow being closed is affecting the majority rather than the few who would rather live in a private road ( as that is what the road has become) Living in East Chinnock and working up by the Football ground this route would sometimes save me as much as 40 minutes peak times, and when the A30 has one of its many closures or accidents it is a godsend, especially with other roads closed cutting us off from Crewkerne, this road really must be open ASAP for the majority’s wishes and local needs.

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