Help for the Ukrainian people

Did you know that the Government is currently pledging to match donations to the Distasters Emergency Committee. They are fund raising to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine and to the refugees from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. To date over a million people have fled the country. That’s equivalent to the entire population of Birmingham or Glasgow. Aside from the suffering in Ukraine itself, countries such as Poland, Hungary and Moldova are bearing the brunt. They are trying to provide food and shelter to those refugees. That’s no small task.

You may not have heard of Distasters Emergency Committee (DEC), but they represent 15 well known UK charities. DEC pools resources to better enable help to arrive quickly to where it is most needed. And you will have heard of their members such as Oxfam, Christian Aid, British Red Cross, Tearfund, World Vision to name but a hand full.

So how can you help?

You can donate via this link:

But here’s the good bit. For every pound that you donate the UK Government will match it up to a maximum of Ā£20m.

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