Martock resignations

The February Martock Parish Council meeting met last Wednesday (23 February). One of the tasks of the council was to elect a new Chair and Vice Chair. The previous incumbents having resigned after the January meeting. The 23 February meeting of the Parish Council duly appointed John Hole as the new chair and the new Vice Chair is Alan Potter.

The council already had five vacancies for councillors after a spate of resignations. Despite the fact that the Parish Council had only posted Notices of Vacancy for 3 of them.

No sooner was that out of the way when two more councillors resigned, Tina Randell and Andy Robinson. To lose seven councillors in resignations in a matter of a couple of months tells a story. Clearly there is something not right at Martock Parish Council.

We will be writing a longer article about the goings on at the council in the 15 March edition of The Leveller┬«. In the meantime Andy Robinson’s resignation letter contains plenty of food for thought. In it he highlights a culture of bullying. Further he suggests that those trying to expose the bullying are in turned accused of being the bullies. That included allegations about his mental health. There are references to documents being destroyed. To motions for a council meeting being refused and not put on the agenda by the locum clerk.

We have already asked questions of the council on a number of these issues. To date most have not been given a satisfactory answer. To lose one councillor might be regarded as misfortune, to lose seven…..?


  • When you do your investigation, don’t forget to do a ‘full & proper’ investigations into the antics of said councillor who has been part of the problems over the last year or so.

  • You omitted to mention about a Parish Councillor who was taken ill during last Wednesday’s meeting and is now in hospital. I am sure that everyone in Martock wishes her a speedy recovery and that once fully recovered she can get back to doing all the good and kind things she has done for the love of the village.

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