Somerset West & Taunton the best?

Climate Emergency UK is a not-for-profit cooperative. They have been working with councils and residents since 2019 to share best practice about the climate and ecological emergency. As part of that work they have assessed all the councils of the UK on their climate action plans.

They used 28 questions to assess all the Climate Action Plans published online by UK councils. Nor is it woolly stuff. The action plans are tied down to the sort of hard nosed things you’d expect from a business focussed approach. The criteria include: 

  • are the climate actions costed;
  • are the actions assigned to specific teams;
  • do the actions have a clear goal; 
  • are local residents being engaged with climate action;
  • does the Plan include strategies to decarbonise waste, planning and homes and other topics; and
  • does the Plan cover areas such as re-skilling the workforce, climate education, governance and funding for climate action. 

There were quite a wide variety of scores across the chunk of Somerset we report on. But impressively Somerset West & Taunton came top. Not just in Somerset. With a rating of 92% they were ranked top of all the councils in the UK. So this is a subjective thing. But we get plenty of report saying our councils are below par! Its always good to see one where one of our councils is a shining paragon.

The other councils of Somerset ranged between 57% for South Somerset and 71% for Mendip.


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