Somerset Labour Calls For Letters

Today we received an open letter from Sean Dromgoole, Chair – Somerton and Frome Constituency Labour Party. In it he calls for our five Somerset MPs, all Conservative to send letters to Sir Graham Brady. This is a reference to the way in which leadership challenges are run in the Conservative Party. Sir Graham Brady is chair of the 1922 Committee. Set up, in 1923 – obviously – it is a committee of all backbench Conservative MPs. It meets weekly when the Commons is sitting.

So how does it influence the choice of party leader? By backbench MPs writing to the chair of the committee to express their disapproval. of the incumbent. A formal vote of no confidence in the party leader will be sparked if 15 per cent of the party’s MPs submit a letter. At present there are 360 MPs so there need to be 54 letters to spark a leadership election. And of course the current leader of the Conservative party also happens to be Prime Minister. So any leadership challenge will be significant.

The Somerset MPs are:

  • Rebecca (Pow, MP for Taunton Deane)
  • James (Heappey, MP for Wells)
  • David (Warburton, MP for Somerton and Frome)
  • Marcus (Fysh, MP for Yeovil)
  • Ian (Liddell Grainger, MP for Bridgwater and Somerset West)

That is the context. Now here is Mr Dromgoole’s letter:

Rebecca, James, David, Marcus and Ian

These are torrid times. I’m sure and your mail bags must be bulging with alarmed and disappointed constituents, who want to know what you are doing to raise the standard of governance in this country. I am sure most of them want you to stop propping up your awful leader.

He first claimed there were no parties, then he was in a rage that such parties may have taken place. It now turns out he was at them. As excuses go, this is just saying what you can get away with at the time isn’t it? And yet you al continue to back this awful man.

The final straw has to be the contrast between the Queen mourning on her own, dutifully because of the rules she and her subjects are bound by and the night before in Downing Street when there were two rule-breaking parties with booze being smuggled in in suitcases. Does your leader have any respect for our Queen? He lied to her about the legality of proroguing Parliament, and has acted grossly disrespectfully at the time of the passing of her husband. I say to each of you, If you think there are any people at all in Somerset who support this behaviour then you have completely misjudged this county.

Has not the time now come  for all of you to call for the Prime minister to step down. Why are you waiting? What are you hoping for? Do you think Sue Gray can wheedle some way in which he didn’t know he was at a party he was at? That would be some wheedle. You could get a camel through the eye of that wheedle.  

I remember at one stage Conservatives were hoping that the booster roll out would save them. Wonderfully, it has worked, and the volunteers and the NHS that have delivered it are rightly getting huge praise for their Yuletide efforts. But they did it. People like the doctor I met in Cheddar who had hauled himself out of retirement to dispense jabs in the old car boot sale site – because if he hadn’t, he “wouldn’t have been able to look himself in the mirror when everyone else was working so hard”. People with a sense of duty. People who do what they do for other people. People on whose back this country is still magnificent. People who are the polar opposite of the current leadership of the Conservative party. The only thing that I can see on the horizon that might save your man, is a war with Russia. Is that what you are now hoping for? I hope not.

So then David, Marcus, James, Rebecca and Ian – isn’t it time you got together, on behalf of this county, and each sent in your letter to Sir Graham Brady suggesting that it is indeed time for your party to choose and new leader. Show a little bit of old-fashioned Somerset gumption and start the process by which we get rid of this awful clown now.


Sean Dromgoole

Chair – Somerton and Frome Constituency Labour Party


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