Major roadworks planned for Yeovil

Somerset County Council is planning an £11.6m upgrade to traffic signals. SCC tell us that the new signals will be more efficient and more eco-friendly. They claim they will improve traffic flow and provide much safer access for both cyclists and pedestrians.

That’s the good news.

The bad news, at least if you live in Yeovil, is this will mean major traffic disruption. In their own words, SCC tell us that “the work in Yeovil is likely to impact on residents, businesses and road users on what are busy routes. The Council’s Highways team has significant experience of managing these issues. They will work with the chosen contractor on minimising any disruption as much as possible.”

So where will these roadworks be? They will start “in early 2022” at a number of key sites on Lysander Road and three crossings. The junction signal refurbishments on Lysander Road are:

  • West Hendford
  • Pine Tree Avenue
  • Forest Hill

In addition crossings on Lyde Road, Sherborne Road and Ilchester Road will be refurbished.


  • More bloody traffic lights we’ve got way too many. I passed my test 1983 only 1 set on Preston Road and now look there must be 100 what’s that about snarls up Sherbourne road no end and don’t get me started about Asda and that area.

  • @Keith:
    What I find strange is that, talking of Asda, someone in County Hall (with a generous budget to spend!) thinks it is necessary to build roundabouts and put traffic lights on them. One, the other, but both?
    Also, £11.6 million is an obscene amount of money to spend on traffic lights – or does that include more roundabouts?

  • I’ve always thought someone in the council benefits financially from the continuous road works, especially in Yeovil. Not a day goes by without a road closure over the past few years. Has anyone ever looked into this?

  • Happy retirement old traffic lights.

  • Traffic lights replacement don’t bother me.

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