Castle Cary Inquiry postponed until 2022

The Planning Inspector’s inquiry into the application for homes to be built on Ansford Hill, Castle Cary has new dates. The original application by Wyke Farms Ltd & Andrew Hopkins Concrete Ltd was turned down by SSDC. The applicants appealed and in view of the large public interest, the Inspector called an Inquiry.

Held in Castle Cary Town Hall the initial days of the Inquiry were beset with technical problems. As we reported last week, the Inquiry scheduled to run 9-12 November had to be postponed.

Issues with sound quality meant that attempts to hold a joint virtual and physical meeting broke down. The Inspector determined matters should be closed and the Inquiry reconvened.

The Inspector, Hayley Butcher, has rearranged the Inquiry to take place over 4 days in 2022. The Inquiry will now commence on 29 March next year. The initial two days of hearing on the 9 and 10 of November will still stand. The evidence taken, largely from members of the public, will be retained for the Inquiry.

In view of the problems experienced last time around, this time the Inquiry will be held as a virtual event.

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