Council appoints new CEO

Somerset West & Taunton Council appointed a new CEO yesterday. It is not as good a gig as it might be. Whoever takes over can expect at most 30 months in the post and as likely as not, 18. Then the council will be folded into the new Somerset Unitary.

Unlike South Somerset back in May (when only one candidate was considered), SWT decided to do the job properly. The job was advertised internally and via an external executive recruitment firm. Two internal and one external candidates wee selected. The council’s appointment panel is constituted as follows:

  • The chair or vice chair of the Scrutiny Committee
  • The Leader of the Council
  • Two members of the Council Executive
  • Chair of the Council

That should mean (assuming councils are doing the job properly) at least one opposition member takes part.

The Appointment Panel agreed unanimously to recommend Andrew Pritchard for appointment. The Appointments Panel recommended a salary of Ā£118,000 per year + Returning Officer Fees. Mr Pritchard is one of the internal candidates. He was, since January last year, Director of External Operations and Climate Change.

Last night’s meeting of the full council approved his appointment with all those present voting in favour bar two abstentions.

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