An open letter to the Prime Minister

This evening we wrote this in response to the COP26 climate summit. Our government have been good at telling others what to do. But here is one really simple thing we could do. It takes no more than the stroke of a pen. At issue is really this, how seriously do we take this issue?

We are not prone to doing this sort of thing. It is admittedly born of frustration, but hopefully makes a simple point….

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  • Bravo Editor

    “Let us, then, be up and doing,
    With a heart for any fate;
    Still achieving, still pursuing,
    Learn to labor and to wait”.

    A clarion ‘riposte’ from the ‘fourth’ estate in the ‘tradition’ of those ‘founder’ proprietors, pace the Beaverbrook/Berrys//Harmsworths/Rothermeres & locally (WDP) Macliver/Reid, a historic ‘bastion’ of our ‘democracy’ in ensuring ‘truth’ to power; much of local ‘journalism’ abandoned to the perceived ‘panacea’ of everything digital.*

    Northcliffe’s stricture ‘the power of the press is not so great, as the power to supress’! We’ve witnessed a ‘putsch’ by HMG to ‘negate’ the rule of law, pace Patterson & the emergent, former, Attorney General, the latter via paradoxically the Virgin Islands.

    The ‘balkanised’ ancient county of Somersetshire, pace 1974 Local Government Reform, currently represented by ‘nine’ Members of Parliament of which eight Conservative and one Liberal Democrat. The ‘voting-record’ of those in the ‘attempted ‘coup’:- AYES:-Fox/Fysh/Penrose/Pow/Rees Mogg/Warburton: NOES:- Hobhouse: NO VOTE RECORDED:- Heappey/Liddell Grainger.

    All this to be ‘compounded’ in a ‘false-prospective’ of a ‘reconstituted’ Somerset County Council, devoid of North Somerset/Bath & NES, the later consigned to a ‘misnomer’ of a West of England Combined Authority ‘resurrected’ from the ‘decimation’ the once ‘proud’ City & County of Bristol.

    A prior columnist has reminded us of the National Code of Local Government Conduct; which if applicable to Parliamentarians, would have warranted referral to a ‘police’ investigation.

    (Letter: 13 August 2019 (Daily Telegraph) Lord Garnier QC ‘In 1905, Mr Justice Bray said to a libel jury: “Any person is entitled to say, by way of comment on a matter of public interest, what he honestly thinks, however exaggerated, obstinate, or prejudiced that may be; such comment is fair and sustainable as a defence to a libel action, unless it is so strong that no fair-minded person could have made it honestly”. He was right then, and I hope he is right today.

    *Burning the Books: Richard Ovenden: sometime, Bodleian Librarian: ISBN 978 1 529 37875 7

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