Scam callers targeting in Somerset

We have received reports of scammers targeting local people from a phone number 0203 154 6767. The operation seems to have been live for a couple of months.

The number is a landline based in London. It appears to be being used by scammers who have used a number of different stories. The aim is the same. To obtain personal details presumably in the hope of getting hold of your cash.

Previous lines used by the callers have included being from Aviva, Legal and General insurance and the Postcode Lottery. The modus operandi is usually the same. They have a great offer for you. All you need to do is give them some details and they’ll let you have the offer. On several occasions they have brazenly askjed for bank detaisl to pay money into your account.

As ever, if something sounds as if it is too good to be true, it usually is.

We know the scam has reached Somerset. We have received reports of people here being targeted. One local person reported being offered a discount card which would give all sorts of great deals. They had the correct name and address for their would be victim. However they then asked for bank details so they could pay a nominal sum in, to activate the discount card.

Happily the would be victim was too smart to fall for that.

But be wary.

There are no good reasons to give out your bank details over the phone to someone you have never met. If someone is offering you something for nothing, they are almost certainly trying to scam you.

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