Council plea for COVID safe half terM

Somerset County Council is appealing to families to take sensible precautions over half term. Professor Trudi Grant is Director of Public Health for Somerset County Council. She explains “We want people to relax and enjoy their half term break, but in light of the recent rise in cases, we must remain vigilant.”

You are advised to:

  • take regular lateral flow testing, especially before visiting loved ones,
  • wear face coverings in crowded and enclosed spaces,
  • regular hand washing.

As we reported last Wednesday, the latest COVID figures showed a doubling in the number of cases in a week. The vaccination programme for under 18s appears to be well behind where it needs to be.

Trudi Grant advises “when you are invited, step forward for your vaccination – be it the first, second or booster jab. The vaccination remains the best form of defence that we have against the virus.” This appears to be the government messaging too. Having made a big deal of so called “Freedom Day”, there is a reluctance to invoke statutory measures to control the virus.

Meanwhile the increased mixing that comes with half term is causing concern. Trudi Grant again “We would encourage everyone to follow the safety measures. For instance letting fresh air inside, wearing a face covering in crowded areas and testing yourself with a Lateral Flow test regularly. These small things we can all do may appear restrictive, but they really are there to protect you and others and are ever more important right now, whilst our case numbers are so high.  By keeping up these important safety measures, it will help to reduce our numbers and ensure we can all continue to have the freedoms to do things we so thoroughly enjoy.

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