Chard drains being repaired say SCC

Following this summer’s flash floods in Chard, Somerset County Council claim repairs are more or less done. Extreme rainfall on 28 June saw unprecedented levels of water cascading through streets in Chard. Homes were flooded as well as businesses. At the same time outlying villages were hit by rising watercourse levels. This saw roads ripped apart and communities cut off. 

As we enter October, SCC have released the details oif teh repair work and how it is going. Drainage work is “making good progress” in Whitestaunton, with the full restoration of Mill Lane due soon. Less good news for  White Ash Lane. Here SCC tell us that “major drainage and resurfacing works” are on the way and will take place “in the coming months.”

SCC is co-ordinating a wide-ranging programme of drain jetting, particularly in the Chard urban area. The intention is to focus on flushing out the critical routes impacted by the floods. In the Glynswood area improvements to the capacity of the existing drainage systems are also planned. However there is no word on a timeframe for this.

As to the roads whose surface was damaged in the flooding, there is more progress here. Five of the eight roads have now been fully restored by SCC’s highways team. These are:

  • Scrapton Lane, Catchgate Lane and Reservoir Road in Combe St Nicholas
  • Pudleigh Lane, Wadeford
  • Combe Lane, Whitestaunton

The team move on to restoring a sixth road, Holway Lane, in Tatworth and Forton on Monday 18 October.

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