LIBDEMs win in Somerset West & Taunton

The election results for the district councillor by-election in Wilton and Sherford ward are now in. The by-election for a seat on Somerset West & Taunton Council took place yesterday (Thursday 7 October). The importance of the result was that the LibDems had lost their overall majority. Prior to yesterday’s election the 29 LibDems and their were 29 members of the opposition.

In the end it wasn’t really close. The LibDems won convincingly:

  • 489 votes Tom Deakin (Lib Dem),
  • 314 Ruth Harmon (Conservative),
  • 57 Fran Hicks (Green).

Turnout was 40%.

The by-election restores the LibDems to a majority administration with 30 out of 59 seats

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