Watchet deal folds

Readers of The Leveller® may have seen our report on projects run by the Onion Collective in Watchet. The idea was to bring imaginative regeneration projects into the town. One was featured in our April edition. This month we have returned to the theme after we discovered that part of their plan for Watchet has come unstuck. In our October 15 edition you can read about the fate of a much heralded plan to use the old papermill. This was to be turned into a site to make building materials in collaboration with Biohm. Only it didn’t. Biohm have built a facility in London instead. The deal for Watchet has evaporated.

This is not new but we have only recently got to the bottom of the facts. The fact that Biohm had walked away from the deal has been kept out of public view.

Until now.

Last week, James Garrett, writing for The Leveller®, spoke to the Onion Collective about the deal. That led to the article we will be publishing next week.

If there is now a flurry of social media activity getting the facts out to residents of Watchet, then you know why.

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