New gritters for Somerset

Highways England has pledged two new state of the arts gritters for the south west. A total of 120 of these new gritters being made available for the winter of 2021/22. However just two will be allocated to the south west of England. These two gritters will have to cover motorways and trunks roads in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Avon, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. They are going to be busy little gritters.

Duncan Smith, Acting Executive Director of Operations, launched the vehicles at the National Highways offices in Nottingham. By an interesting coincidence, Nottingham along with Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Derbyshire, and Lincolnshire, will receive 47 vehicles. Mr Smith notes “The new vehicles are an impressive sight. This year’s roll out once again demonstrates our commitment to keeping drivers safe throughout the winter months.”

The gritters include state of the art technology allowing us to treat the roads up to a maximum of 50mph, 10mph faster than earlier models. Drivers are asked to take extra care near gritters, leaving a safe distance behind them. Please only overtake gritters carefully when it is safe to do so and at a reduced speed.

Mr Smith added “When the wintry weather arrives our winter teams across the country will be ready to work around the clock to keep traffic moving.

A further 132 new gritters are on order for winter 2022-23. Let’s hope the west country gets a larger share next time.

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