Somerset West & taunton crucial by-election

A notice of poll has been published for the election of a district councillor for the Wilton and Sherford ward at Somerset West & Taunton Council. The poll will take place on Thursday 7 October between 7am and 10pm.

The candidates nominated for election are: Tom Deakin (Lib Dem), Ruth Harmon (Conservative), and Fran Hicks (Green).

The result will be important for the ruling LibDem group as under the current political make-up of the Council they have no overall majority. The seat was held for the LibDems by long standing councillor Alan Wedderkopp who sadly passed away earlier this year.

The LibDems will need to retain the seat to maintain a majority on the council.

Prior to the by-election the council make up was as follows:

  • Liberal Democrat – 29
  • Independent – 13
  • Conservative – 10
  • Labour – 3
  • The Green Party – 2
  • Non Politically Aligned – 1

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