Somerset COVID 19 latest data

This week to 29 September, there were 1,876 new confirmed cases of COVID 19 in Somerset. As we warned last week, pronouncements coming from Westminster about reaching a peak are premature. It is clearly too early to draw conclusions. For now the only thing we can say is the trend in case numbers is not rising. It is settled in a band of between 1,250 and 2,500 per week. And there are no signs of that changing anytime soon

The table below tracks the overall weekly number of infections in Somerset in recent weeks.

  • 1,876 to 29 September
  • 1,453 to 22 September
  • 1,432 to 15 September
  • 2,148 to 8 September
  • 2,132 to 1 September
  • 2,763 to 25 August
  • 1,911 to 18 August
  • 1,481 to 11 August
  • 1,407 to 4 August
  • 1,285 to 28 July
  • 2,056 to 21 July
  • 989 to 14 July
  • 470 to 7 July

This week there are COVID hotspots in Frome and around it. That was after a decline in cases last week. With over 500 cases per 100,000 people and 152 cases this week Frome has the worst outbreak in Somerset this week. Elsewhere case numbers are creeping up again with 215 in Taunton, 186 in Bridgwater and 173 in Yeovil.

Before we go any further however, our usual health warning about the figures.  Unlike NHS data these numbers include care homes and incidences of COVID 19 “at home”. The data is prepared to 29 September for cases (although different dates are used for some of the other figures – for instance deaths are reported to 17 September). The reason for this delay is to keep the numbers accurate – or should we say as accurate as possible. The daily totals published by the NHS are subject to constant revision, as not unreasonably, the data is constantly being updated to improve accuracy. It is also worth noting that the SCC area does not include North Somerset (so Weston hospital) or BANES (So the RUH in Bath) both of which are separate administrative areas.

Once again this week we have had an update on deaths from COVID 19. This week there were five deaths, 1 in a care home and 4 in hospital, the highest weekly number for several months.

There was better news on hospitalisations which are falling once again. From over 50 at the start of the week to 32 by the end of it. The majority of cases are in Musgrove hospital as has been the case in recent weeks. The R number is now reported at 0.7-0.9 which suggests that case numbers should be falling. Any good news is welcome, of course. However the R number is not reflecting what is actually happening on the ground with case numbers appearing to rise not fall. Which suggests an R number over 1.

The deceleration in the rate of under 18s being vaccinated has continued. This week just 358 under 18s were vaccinated compared to 752last week, and 1,123 the week before. The performance is at odds with ethe national picture. Especially when 12-15 year olds are being called forward for vaccination, and nationally 40% of 17-18 year olds have been vaccinated.

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