Greens fight cut in Somerset Councillors

As The Leveller® reported on 17 August Whitehall is trying to restrict councillor numbers in the new unitary council. See

The man in charge of overseeing the transition from London is Paul Rowsell. He is suggesting is that the new council should have 70-80 seats. 

The Green Party in Mendip which currently has two county councillors is fighting back against the proposals. They have written to the Ministry, and asked sensible limit on the size of divisions. In other words a limit on the number of people each Councillor has to serve. They have encourage the Chief Executives of all Somerset Councils to support them and do the same.

Cllr. Michael Gay told us: ‘the Ministry has ignored the wishes of Somerset people and now wants to cut their rights to proper representation and support. But I believe the people of Somerset want to be clearly heard and fairly treated by those making decisions in London’.

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