Somerset Labour asks for more money for schools

Labour is calling for schools in Somerset to receive an additional £73million. They say the money is needed to help children recover from “two dreadful Covid affected years.” Among other things they are looking specifically for:
➢ £1.068m to boost Primary school pupil premium
➢ £2.385m to support additional teacher training

Cllr Leigh Redman, Leader of the Labour group on Somerset County Council told us: “Children in Somerset need all the support they can get. Just to bring their education back on track after two dreadful years of chaos and disruption. Labour is calling for schools in Somerset to receive £73million in additional funding. This will provide everything from breakfast clubs to mental health support. It will help to catch up tutoring and free school meals for those most in need.”

Under Labour’s plan, Somerset schools would receive additional funding for:
• Breakfast clubs and new activities for every child:
• Quality mental health support in every school:
• Small group tutoring for all who need it:
• Continued development for teachers:
• Invest in an Education Recovery Premium:
• Ensure no child goes hungry (extending free school meals throughout holidays)

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