Will Ilminster meeting be COVID safe?

Ilminster Town Council will be meeting tonight at 7.30pm.

The meeting tonight is due to take place in the Council Chamber, Council Offices, North Street, Ilminster. However Ilminster’s meeting room is exceptionally small. There is precious little room for councillors, let alone members of the public. It is a dark and airless room.

The impact of the recent pandemic and pleas from government to apply common sense, has arguably been ignored. Certainly it is Government’s fault that meetings have to be in person. They can no longer be legally held over Zoom or other similar software. So an in person meeting is unavoidable. However not only is the Council Chamber small, but tonight the meeting is expected to be packed.

A controversy has erupted over the way the town council allowed itself to be the applicant on a planning application. This was for a “Carnival Park”. A detailed report by the current town clerk this evening will raise serious questions about the application. This includes papers apparently missing from the council records. Not surprisingly local residents are both curious and angry.

With large numbers expected to attend, it is not clear how they can be accommodated in a COVID safe fashion. No plans have been made to move the meeting to an alternative location.

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