Banned from Bridgwater

Scott Riddle, from Bridgwater, has been banned from the town centre by court order. The ban is very specific. He would be committing an offence if he enters the town centre between midnight and 2am and 11am to midnight. He is also prohibited from being intoxicated. And banned from being in possession of an open container of alcohol in a public place. He must also refrain from causing alarm, nuisance or harassment to public or police.

The injunction was granted for two-years and given at Taunton County Court last Wednesday (14 July).

The injunction was sought by Avon & Somerset Police neighbourhood and antisocial behaviour teams. It is intended to prevent antisocial behaviour in Bridgwater. This follows a whole series of reported incidents involving 37-year-old Riddle.

Antisocial behaviour co-ordinator Cerwyn Pritchard said: “It’s clear that Scott Riddle’s behaviour has adversely affected the local community. I hope they welcome the action we’ve taken in securing a court injunction to try to prevent similar incidents.

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