Yeovil Mc Sit-in

McDonalds in Yeovil was disrupted today by a group of activists. They walked into the restaurant and staged a sit in. The group had brought their own food and occupied the restaurant for 2 hours.

Protestors from Extinction Rebellion and Animal Rebellion have been targeting .McDonalds They claim their livestock feed comes from deforested areas of Brazil and Bolivia. They demanded that McDonalds should move to “a fully plant-based menu to address the climate, ecological and animal destruction it causes on a daily basis.

Catherine Cannon, one of the protestors explained: “A fully plant-based McDonald’s may sound odd, but it is actually a very reasonable demand when we consider the scale of the crisis that we are facing.”

The action follows a similar protest at McDonalds in Weymouth last week.

Animal Rebellion protestors blockaded the McDonald’s burger factory in Scunthorpe. They claim it is the only producer of McDonald’s burgers in the country.  The factory, which makes up to 3 million beef patties a day was shut down for almost three days by protestors who used bamboo structures and trucks to block the entrance. 

Catherine Cannon says “We are absolutely not doing this to criticise individual diet choices.  We don’t want to spoil anyone’s lunch.” Though actually that appears to be exactly what the protest is doing.

However she goes on to explain “A plant-based burger is a win-win-win for peoples’ health, animals and the climate and ecological emergency, plus advances in food technology are so good you can barely taste the difference.  As the biggest fast food corporation in the world, McDonald’s has a responsibility to lead the way to a more sustainable future”. 

The Leveller contacted McDonald’s press team for a comment but received no response.


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