Langport / Somerton station

The money has now been raised for a feasibility review of a station in the Langport and Somerton area. Initially back in 2012 the initiative was led by Transition Langport. The mantle has since been taken on by the Langport Transport Group led by Phil Edge.

Currently the track between Castle Cary and Taunton is the longest stretch in the south west without a station. With government agreeing to fund 75% of the cost, several local parishes chipped in the rest. South Somerset District Council offered a grant of £6,000 to cover the last part of the project cost.

That gives the Langport Transport Group (LTG) £65,000 to use. Most of the money will go to a consultancy firm (around £58000) with a 10% contingency. The firm will be engaged through Somerset County Council. We understand it will be the same one used for Wellington/Cullompton station project. A further £3,000 will be spent on bespoke software.

David Northey of Network Rail is helping advise the group and guide them through the process. There are several that will be investigated as part of the plans but Ricksey Lane Somerton is one of the favourites. So yesterday (3 July) local MP David Warburton, went down to meet Phil Edge from the LTG to look at the site.

Pictured below David Northey, Chris David Warburton and Phil Edge. And below that a Hitachi train using the stretch of track leading up to the site at the end of Ricksey Lane.

And the whole group with, front left, town, district and county councillor for Somerton, Dean Ruddle


  • Living round the corner from the proposed Somerton site, I welcome it in terms of ease of travel and the footfall it potentially brings to the town (with my Trade Association hat on), but then have major concerns about traffic volumes, the potential for infill development, and the associated pressure on infrastructure. Looking at the proposed plan, most access to the car park would need to be via Langport Rd/Ricksey Lane – which is pretty much single track at the moment.
    Bit of a doubled edged sword without some very serious considerations.

  • How exciting! All for Ricksey lane and I live down here. Love hearing the trains going past. Nikki

  • I hope the feasibility review will assess not just the best location on the main line for an additional station, but also the nature of rail services that could be offered there: a stop for some of the express trains to and from Paddington of course; but also a shuttle rail service into Taunton and other centres, with the option of adding other stops on the route to create a regional metro service. Also facilities for local bus services linking surrounding villages, as well as commuter/ shopper car parking. I don’t foresee a new station creating much increase in footfall for Langport and Somerton businesses unless these other services are also provided.

    • That is exactly the think it is meant to do….

    • You’re right to be concerned. It’s a lovely idea to restore a station to the area, but I wonder if we’re getting over-excited? What have GWR said on this? Their proposal may well save the £60k feasibility cost. I assume they won’t want to stop the express services there (having just left Taunton and nearly being at Castle Cary), so there will be no direct connection to London. So if not, that, what? Will it be something like Bruton station and the service it gets – only infrequent stopping services between, say, Taunton and Bristol via Castle Cary? Or something? If that’s the case, the business case probably doesn’t really stack up.

      All that said, of course, there may be other factors – not least environmental. But I’d still like to know what GWR have said about the services they would/could provide if a station were built.

  • A station in Somerton will be a disaster. The beautiful rural town is already being ruined by development and incomers from London- this will only encourage more development, more housing, more people, loss of green land, loss of wildlife, loss of biodiversity.

    • What a crass comment ! Let’s all drive Model T fords as we don’t like progress !

      • Dean, great comment I don’t think Roger has the future interest of Somerton in his thoughts.

  • Watch local housing prices soar as commuters buy up every local housing !

  • I think this a very exciting project and I think the benefits of folk being able to hop on a train and travel
    could be life changing. Also leaving the car at home and enjoying a day out on a train would always be a bonus, I cannot wait.would it be possible to see the route and connections?

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