Plausible norton scam

It feels as if hardly a day goes by without another new scam rearing its ugly head. The latest we have become aware of, is connected to Norton anti virus software. It is an odd scam in that it contains a mix of the plausible and the implausible. Just enough of the plausible to make you question your own sanity.

We have had it at Leveller Towers twice. We are aware of other households and businesses in Somerset that have been targeted. So how does it work? you receive notice that your direct debit for renewing your Norton subscription has been taken. No demand for money, no need to take any action. So far so innocuous and this is why at first it seems plausible.

However reading down you’ll see the amount of money taken by the direct debit. It was double in one case, treble in another, the amount of a normal Norton subscription.

The next clever bit is that by coincidence or not, ours arrived at around the time our renewal was due.

So although looking innocuous enough, the trigger is the amount. Once you realise you’ve been overcharged, you’ll want a refund. Right? And now of course the email gives you the opportunity to get one. And of course give away precious data and all sorts of things phishing scams love to extract.

So what are the clues? The email is designed to look as if it came from a billing department. It has no Norton logos or insignia on it. This is not right. Even Norton invoices and renewal notices carry their yellow logo.

Then once you are alerted, take a look at the email address. the scammers have not taken the trouble to disguise their email addresses as something close to a Norton one. Ours came from and

Then there is the salutation. After over two decades of dealing with Norton I have never been described as “Hello valuable consumer” or even “Hello Precious Member”!

As ever with these things, if you have any doubts, don’t reply to the scam email. Bin it immediately. Log onto the Norton website and your own Norton account. You’ll be able to check your account status, payments etc in your Norton account. And if anything has gone wrong, you can email Norton through their site.

Be aware and be wary!

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