South Somerset Accounts

Version control

Not everything in Leveller® Towers goes like clockwork. Sometimes we get to the final proofs of the edition and push the button…. Only to realise the final version of an article did not get updated. This is exactly what happened in our June edition.

The article in questioned was “Wrong Wrong Wrong” on p42. It’s all about the accounts of Elleston Services, a company run by South Somerset District Council (SSDC).

Essentially to cut a long story short, the accounts are wrong. Or at least the ones filed at Companies House are. We saw those accounts, read the numbers, saw they had just recorded a loss of £29. It all seemed very reasonable for a company that had not started trading. Especially as the accounts were to 31 March 2020, just before the first pandemic lockdown.

However when SSDC kindly forwarded to us the full accounts, we realised there was a problem. The company had not recorded a loss of £29. It had in fact shown a loss of £28,567!

Oh dear.

The accounts should have been prepared in £,000 but were shown in £ instead. Obviously that makes a massive difference to the way the accounts are read.

However it is also noteworthy that the accounts were signed off by Clare Pestell. Ms Pestell is a director of the company. She was also recruited as interim CEO for SSDC. Then suddenly withdrew for “personal reasons” before actually taking up the post.

We cannot comment on whether the two events are connected. However this last paragraph was the one that went AWOL in the Leveller® article. And we wanted to publish all the details relating to the story.

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