Medical negligence now in Somerset

I’m hurt. Well I must be if the amount of emails I get offering to help with my injury are anything to go by. For the predominant force in email scamming at the moment appears to be medical injury claims. Despite never having had a medical injury of great significance (so far and touch wood!), I received 27 emails in the last calendar month promising me help. I am also aware of others in Somerset who have had a similar experience. So be ware and be wary.

Most emails come with a headline title that looks kosher (The Medical Negligence Experts, Personal Injury Compensation Claims, Accident Claims, Experts in Medical Negligence). However if you take a look at what follows in your browser that is where you’ll find the clues. The email address is usually in the form of “info” followed by something more unlikely. Examples include:

Interestingly the spam filter (Google Chrome) identified some of them as “This message seems dangerous. Similar messages were used to steal people’s personal information. Avoid clicking links, downloading attachments or replying with personal information.” It also identified some as ‘spam’ but more than half it did not identify as problematic beyond the fact that I had identified previous messages from the same email as spam.

Common address

However there was one common link. All of the emails from all of these claim chasers came from one address in London: International House, 776-778 Barking Road, Barking, London E13 9PJ. However this is a service address for an awful lot of companies.

The most likely candidate for our emails was a business (it is not listed as a limited company) called Email On Business. Their website offers this summary of what they do: “We provide Business to Business mailing services as well as IT mailing services. We also work along with your organization to develop industry based email contact list as well as telemarketing lists.” They offer a range of services including email marketing, list brokering and data cleansing. So as their business involves providing email lists for marketing, our best guess is this is where our emails came from.

It is interesting that the services they offer include verifying that emails are genuine. This is worth noting. Because one of the services they sell is a verification service! You type in an email and they will tell you if it is genuine or not. Of course when you unsubscribe from a mailing list, you are immediately confirming that your email is genuine.

We cannot say that the business of supplying emails for bulk mailouts is illegal. Nor is it necessarily illegal to solicit to pursue personal injury claims. What we can say is that the volume of emails, nearly one a day, from different claims companies all using data sourced from the same database company is intrusive. And that they offer a service based on the fact that I have been injures. And I haven’t.

What we suggest

If you have a personal injury or accident and you wish to make a claim, your first port of call should be a reputable solicitor. Go for a local company with a reputation to protect locally. Several of them advertise in the pages of The Leveller®. The best way to avoid being scammed, is to initiate the process yourself. That way you will seek out a firm that looks reputable. The best guarantee of integrity is to work with an organisation with a reputation to lose. One known to your local community.

Find them. And don’t react or respond to those you who are trying to find you, as that makes it much harder to know their motives, their reputation and the degree of integrity with which they operate.

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