Green party response to Somerset boundary changes

Frome County Councillor Martin Dimery was not surprisingly upbeat about the proposed boundary changes. Especially as the Boundary Commission for England have recommended a separate constituency for Frome. It is worth noting that Martin is one of two Green Party candidates who won county council seats in Frome. In Mendip they had 10 District Council seats, temporarily being the official opposition following the 2019 district elections. So a new and distinct constituency for Frome will give the Green Party the chance to shine in this corner of the county at least.

So this corner of Somerset is one where the Green Party are likely to have ambitions. This is what Mr Dimery had to say: “I am delighted with these proposals. The new model for Frome exactly reflects my recommendations to the Boundary Commission in the earlier consultation. Somerton and Frome is an enormous rural constituency in which Frome seems to provide some major population “ballast” but is geographically and demographically disconnected from the rest of the area. It also seems to me that Somerton also more naturally connects with Street and Glastonbury for local services.
Frome has much more in common with its near neighbours in North East Somerset like Radstock and Midsomer Norton. It has the fourth largest population in Somerset, but when local government was ceded to Mendip at Shepton Mallet and the county town of Taunton, over 50 miles away, there was a significant democratic deficit which may not be helped by the proposed unitary models of local government. To see Frome being given a more central position in a compact collection of towns and villages with good channels of communication, makes for a much more manageable constituency for an MP and may more accurately represent the more diverse political views of this part of Somerset

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