Bridgwater wins big

Bridgwater has just heard that the bid it submitted to the government’s Town Fund has been successful. Bridgwater was one of two towns in Somerset on a list of 101 across Britain that were invited to bid. With £3bn to bid for in total, Bridgwater put together an ambitious plan. They asked for £25m.

Projects included restoration of the docks, the tidal barrier, support for carnival amongst others.

So here’s the good news. Nearly everything they bid for they got. The Leveller understands that £22.6m of the £25m bid for has been awarded. The bid was led by Sedgemoor District Council with active support from Bridgwater Town Council. A rare example of Labour and Conservatives working together for the common good.

Local MP Ian Liddell-Grainger told The Leveller “It is great news for everyone and a real tribute to the team that drew up our plan. “Sedgemoor District Council did a magnificent job seeking the widest possible public involvement and the most imaginative schemes. Congratulations are in order and the people who made this possible should be very proud of themselves, their town and the improvements this money is certain to bring.”



  • Fab news, I hope the traffic issue through the town centre will be addressed, to me it’s a simple solution to enhance and look after the historic buildings in town centre like the library and Blake gardens and the town bridge

    • I do hope some the money awarded will be used to clear dog muck from the car park near my aunt’s bungalow.

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