Axbridge Sorting Office to close

Residents of the Somerset town of Axbridge are up in arms. They have been told that the local Royal Mail sorting office is to close and moved to Winscombe. While Winscombe is just under 3 miles away, there is real concern for the impact this will have on Axbridge Post Office. The Chamber of Commerce is concerned that without the sorting office, the post office may become unviable. Secretary to the Chamber, Harry Mottram, notes “The Chamber has 40 members with every business reliant on the Post Office for sending and receiving parcels. It cannot be underestimated how important the Post Office is as a centre for the community bringing people together and as a stationery and general goods shop.”

The town council and community groups and the Chamber are all asking Royal Mail to suspend the closure. They would like them to at least consult with local interested parties before going ahead.

This is not the first time the sorting office has been threatened with closure. In 2018 Royal Mail also tried to close it down and move it to Winscombe.

It is a perennial problem with some of our bigger institutions, headquartered in big cities. They are blighted by a complete lack of understanding of how rural communities work. And in some cases how fragile their viability can be.

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