Somerton claims bragging rights!

Tomorrow is, as if you need telling, Somerset Day. The 11 May, might be seen as the day the inexorable march towards a United Kingdom began. Of England at least, if not yet Britain. On that day Alfred called the men of Wiltshire and Somerset to arms. They met on the boundary between the two counties and went on to decisively crush the Viking army at Edington.

So tomorrow the celebrations, muted because of the pandemic will see the Somerset flag flown across the county. And Somerton’s special place in the celebration? For Somerton it is an extra special day because many believe that Somerton gave its name to the County. Added to which at around the start of the 14th century was briefly the County Town before Taunton. And as the county town and county gaol, it “hosted” the captured French King John II from 1359-60.

Somerton’s attractive market square has been decorated with flags and bunting for this special day. The Town Crier will be making a proclamation to all residents at Noon on the 11th May, which will be filmed in the Market Square and circulated via social media in light of current covid restrictions.

Cllr Dean Ruddle, Chair of Somerton Town Council is rightly proud. “Our residents, known locally as Somertonians, are rightly proud of our wonderful town. We are encouraging everyone to get involved and fly a flag for Somerset Day. The Market Town looks splendid with all the flags and bunting to mark this special day”.

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