GWR resort to shuttle services

The latest update from GWR at 10.15 this morning is not good news. Although most of the Hitachi units have now been checked, many are still not in service. The service through Taunton and Castle Cary to London is running a much reduced timetable. GWR advise “customers intending to make long distance journeys on this route are strongly advised to consider deferring their journey until a later date.”

They go on to warn that those services that are running will not be offering a high speed service “Customers who do intend to travel long distances on the route should be aware that most journey times will be considerably extended. Those services that do operate are likely to be exceptionally busy. Connections cannot be guaranteed and it may not be possible to complete late night journeys at all as a result.

Through trains will not be running. A series of shuttle services will replace them. GWR say “All of the through train services between London Paddington, Taunton, Exeter St Davids, etc have been withdrawn. This applies to services in both directions.”

And taking the train from Taunton to Bristol will not necessarily help either. The Bristol/Paddington line is also suffering from a lack of train units. “There are no through train services between London Paddington and Bristol Temple Meads or Bristol Parkway. To connect into those services from London Paddington will require at least one other change of train.

That advice is for today, 10th May, but GWR have not been able to offer any indication of how long the disruption will last. Nor is there any advice on when through services will be restored, whether or not it is on a reduced timetable.

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  • HITACHI: “Inspiring the next Generation”!

    The ‘media’ has to be ‘transparent’ pace BBC TV this morning ‘cracks’ v ‘metal-fatigue’?

    GWR mostly affected x 93 ‘engines’ affected. LNER Kings Cross to Scotland similarly, not the best of ‘adverts’ of the Union!

    Whither the Nine (9) Somerset MPs?

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