No change in Chard

Chard Town Council is solidly under the control of the LibDems. So the fact that there was a by-election on 6 May in Holyrood Ward will not change very much. The council before the by-election comprised 10 LibDems, 3 Independents and 1 Green Councillor and one vacancy.

So the fact that the by-election was actually quite close is perhaps the main point of interest. Nevertheless congratulations to Claire Brown who won the seat for the LibDems.

Votes were as follows:

  • 296 Claire Brown – LibDem
  • 276 Connor Payne – Conservative
  • 193 Tim Eggins – Green Party


  • Sorry you are wrong. The make up of council before by election
    1 Tory
    2 Independent
    1 Green
    10 Lib Dem

    • I completely understand why you say that. However, Melissa declared herself an independent on her nomination paper for the 2019 election. So i really have to respect that.

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