Future of Shepton with Future Shepton

We will have a fair bit more on the by election in Shepton Mallet in the June Leveller. In the meantime, suffice it to say that five seats in the West Shepton Ward were up for grabs in the 6 May by-election. Shepton Mallet Town Council has 16 seats split equally between West and East Shepton Wards.

Before the by election the council composition was 4 LibDems, 4 Future Shepton, 1 Conservative, I Independent and 1 Independent Resident.

The by-election produced a very clear steer that the Future Shepton group are starting to gain traction with local people. They won four of the five seats on offer with all of their candidates getting elected. Bob Champion claimed the fifth seat for the LibDems. That leaves the council as follows:

  • 8 Future Shepton
  • 5 Libdems
  • 1 Conservative
  • 1 Independent
  • 1 Independent Resident

The full result for the ward was as follows:

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