Conservatives back on Wells City Council

If John Osman was feeling lonely, at least he has a little more company today. Mr Osman is a former Leader of Somerset County Council and Cabinet Member for Mendip District Council. Prior to 6 May he was also the last sitting Conservative on Wells City Council.

The City Council is a strange beast in that councillors are elected on a party ticket. However they are then supposed to vote in a non political way on City Council business. Prior to the 6 May the City Council had 1 Conservative, 5 LibDems, 4 Wells Independents, 2 Greens and 4 cacancies.

Following the elections of the 6 May there are now 3 new Conservatives and another Wells Independent councillor. The Libdems did not put up any candidates under the party banner. So the new council will look like this:

  • 5 LibDems
  • 5 Wells Independents
  • 4 Conservatives
  • 2 Greens

One comment

  • Remember Wells City Council status is a Parish Council,with a Royal Charter
    Some of the members need to remember the situation

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