LibDem melt down in Wells

The elections on 6 May are going to be a bit of a damp squib in Somerset. The county council election has been postponed due to the local government reorganisation. Although Police & Crime Commissioner elections are important, they rarely attract a large turnout.

But there are others taking place on the same day. Elections to fill vacancies on town and city councils and to fill vacancies on District Councils too.

In fact the City of Wells has a District Council vacancy to fill for St Thomas Ward. There are also three vacancies to fill on the City Council. That is one each in St Thomas, St Cuthbert and Wells Central wards. So by the standards of the rest of Somerset, there’s quite a lot going on.

So we took a look at the list of candidates standing and were surprised to see that none are registered as LibDems. Even more curious two candidates had their nominations rejected. Tony Robbins who was to have stood as a candidate in two elections in St Thomas Ward. For both the City Council and the District Council elections. He did not declare any party allegiance on his nomination papers. His application for both elections was rejected. This is not a usual event. And the reason given “Rejected as the home address form does not comply with the requirements of Rule 4(5) of the Local Elections (Principal Areas) (England and Wales) Rules 2006

His address is clearly stated on the nomination form. So what sort of technicality is this? What an odd reason for rejection. But Mr Robbins is not alone. In St Cuthbert Ward Antonia Gwynn was also due to be a candidate. She too did not declare any party allegiance. Yet her nomination was also rejected for the same reason as Tony Robbins. Despite having also given an address in the City of Wells.

All of which is curious. Unusually so. And why no LibDem candidates? After all Wells is a city where the LibDems have had a good track record in recent years.

The full list of nominated candidates in each ward can be found on the pdf attachments here:


  • It would be nice to have a bit of info and a statement from each candidate saying why we should vote for them.

  • Yet another attack on our Democracy?

    • You have to hope not. We’ve no reason to believe the democratic services team at Mendip did anything but their job….

  • Rachel Thompson

    Election Services at Mendip DC offer a fabulous service to check nomination papers. Candidates are well advised to take this up! Priddy PC election candidate nominations checked and passed!

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