Somerset COVID 19 latest data

This week (to 7 April) there have been a further 103 confirmed cases of COVID 19 in Somerset. This is the first week in the last 6 weeks to see a significant fall in cases. The vaccination programme is having an impact. For the first time we are seeing new cases reduced to the level they were last September. The table below illustrates the point. It tracks the weekly number of infections in recent weeks:

  • 103 to 7 April
  • 244 to 1 April
  • 219 to 24 March
  • 216 to 17 March
  • 227 to 10 March
  • 272 to 3 March
  • 436 to 24 February
  • 444 to 18 February

Before we go any further however, our usual health warning about the figures.  Unlike NHS data these numbers include care homes and incidences of COVID 19 “at home”. The data is prepared to 7 April for cases (although different dates are used for some of the other figures – for instance deaths are reported to 19 March). The reason for this delay is to keep the numbers accurate – or should we say as accurate as possible. The daily totals published by the NHS are subject to constant revision, as not unreasonably, the data is constantly being updated to improve accuracy. It is also worth noting that the SCC area does not include North Somerset (so Weston hospital) or BANES (So the RUH in Bath) both of which are separate administrative areas.

Figures for deaths from COVID 19 in Somerset have not been updated this week. the latest data, to 19 March we reported on in our bulletin last week.

The R number for the South West this week has been adjusted upward. The latest range quoted is from 0.7 to 1 up from 0.7-0.9 last week. It remains a fact that the South West is still showing as low an R number range as anywhere else in the country. However remember that has been (at last) a significant fall in new cases this week. The quoted R number seems at odds with what is happening on the ground.

The vaccination programme in Somerset continues to gather pace. To date 90% or more of all age groups over 50, the most vulnerable have been vaccinated at least once. The latest figures show that of those under 50, 20% have been vaccinated so far. final group This marches on apace with 31,000 of the 50-54 age group now vaccinated. A total of 309,227 people have been vaccinated (up from 294,164 last week).

However, as always, we have attached the full data set here so you can draw your own conclusions:

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