Small change for Somerset

Today the Culture Recovery Fund announced a further£400 million to help arts, culture, heritage organisations. All in all 2,700 organisations received funding. Of that £400m less than £2m came to Somerset. That’s about half of what we might expect on a per capita basis.

Nearly half of that, £900,000 was given to the Glastonbury Festival. The other £940,000 was split between 20 arts organisations across all disciplines. Only one cinema, the Wells Film Centre was awarded funds. The Octagon once again was generously looked after and it was good to see a couple of theatres that still put on plays given funding. There was money for both the Brewhouse and Princess theatres.

Meanwhile it was good to see a decent funding settlement for the Bridgwater Carnival. The Carnival has recently decided to give 2021 a miss and move to 2022. Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival’s chairman, Dave Croker, was still delighted to get the grant “Covid-19 restrictions have affected the ability of the organising committee and local carnival clubs to raise funds, not just to cover the costs required to stage carnival events and to create the amazing carnival entries, but also to meet our ongoing day-to-day financial commitments.  Bills still have to be paid for the likes of insurance, electricity, rent and maintenance. 

The last decent sized music venue on Somerset, The Cheese and Grain was also on the list.

The full list of awards was as follows:

  • The International Music Exchange Wells £25,000
  • Pyro Studio Bridgwater £55733
  • Bridgwater Carnival £54,117
  • Midnight Mango Bridgwater £33,116
  • Princess Theatre Burnham on Sea £27,356
  • Octagon Yeovil £165,000
  • Wassail Theatre £34,600
  • Cheese and Grain £47,000
  • Fuse Performance £42,360
  • Jackdaws Music 25474
  • SW Heritage Trust £63,500
  • Brewhouse £96,878
  • Production Boutique Taunton £68,700
  • Watchet Live CIC £75,000
  • Creative Innovation Centre £34,254
  • Rubbish Art Project £28,000
  • Glastonbury £900,000
  • Hordern Ciarni £34,406
  • Shangrila Glastonbury £30,500
  • Wells Film Centre £55,020

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  • Yes it great the carnival get help again but we a small club we never see any money from the Bridgwater committee they only help out bigger clubs there about 20 0r 30 small clubs that have rent bills for shed but we don’t get any money

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