Radical New deal Somerset Councils

The Leveller can reveal this morning that secret talks are going on which will see radical change. Local Government in Somerset is about to get another gear shift tantamount to a revolution.

The four districts and county council have held secret talks that has seen a new spirit of cooperation emerge. A new plan for the councils to sit round the table and agree a third way is proposed. They have agreed to stop fighting over the future in a “mines better than yours” way.

The deal will see an end to name calling and infighting. Council leaders will meet on a regular basis to engender the new spirit of cooperation. All councillors will sign up to the new proposals. These will see the complete abandonment of party politics in local government. In future all councillors will stand on a non party ticket and represent their communities rather than their politics. Councillors who have been using local government as a stepping stone to national politics (you know who you are) will no longer be able to do so.

Councillors have agreed to actually consult with residents in a meaningful way before implementing policy. The Leveller understands a moment of levity was introduced to the talks by David Fothergill. His proposal that Ian Liddell Grainger be placed in the stocks on Castle Green for a day was not agreed!

The final proposals when they emerge will be put to the people of Somerset in a referendum.

Just to be crystal clear – this post was an April Fool


  • Have a good April the first, Andrew

  • Castle Green to be pressed into service for an April version of May Fair. Stocks for rogue Parliamentarians is just the start; tethering for flying pigs likely to be the main attraction. Judge Jeffries was suggested as opener, but is not available this morning.

  • If you live long enough as Orwell ascribed if 2 + 2 = 4 all else follows; a ‘revolution’ pace the ‘Battle of Sedgemoor’ me thinks, many an implication those holding the four aces don’t usually subscribe to a new deal. Suffice I extrapolate from my response to your prior ‘independent’ accountancy prognosis.

    “The last Government Reform ‘Balkanised’ the former Somerset County. The first elections to the new county council were held on 23 January 1889. Since then, members have been elected for a term of office (initially three years, now four), with elections held all together on the “first past the post” system. Hitherto Rural/Urban Authorities with retained Parish Councils.(Minor Authorities)

    It’s my conviction the former SCC was well established, resourced & to the fore post both WW1/WW2 and in my experience ‘exemplars’ in primary/secondary education; many a ‘primary’ school today beneficiaries. My recollection is that ‘elected’ membership was ‘apolitical’ although recognised some individuals, delineated today as ‘party’ apparatchiks; predominantly until the 1974 Reforms an emergent ‘community’ motivated individual; it could never have been perceived the ‘advent’ of ‘political’ nomenclature into parish/town councils.

    I support the ’embryo’ proposal by SCC Councillor David Fothergill. At the outset the expected ‘challenge’ will come from the ‘Districts’ with the attendant ‘waste’ of precious rate-payers ‘treasurer’ pace Covid – 19 Pandemic. We’re witness to the demise of Somerset’s century’s ‘local’ Newpapers & the emergence of The Leveller 1SSN 2632-3389. (Somerset’s largest circulation newspaper) forensic in its local authority reporting. (15 August 2020: Issue 119 ‘Consequences’’.


    Graham E Livings, Lilliput, Upper Milton, Wells. BA5 3AH

  • Caroline Sidwell

    Sadly I think this is an April Fools joke.

  • More is the pity, wish it was true. You know if we all worked on this, we could make it come true !

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