New(ish) scams in Somerset

You may have heard of a couple of new(ish) scams doing the rounds. Both have cropped up in Somerset recently so we wanted to let you know.

Both are text based. The first purports to come from Royal Mail. It says “your parcel has a £2.99 unpaid shipping fee, pay now at….” And it gives a fake web address where the scammers will relieve you of your cash. And take possession of all those nice bank details you were hoping to keep secret too.

Royal Mail advise that texts and emails from scammers are usually impersonal. So it may start “Your parcel” simply because they don’t have your name. Until you fill in their form as part of the scam, then they do have your name. And that’s one of the side benefits of these scams. Once they have confirmed your data, they can sell it on to others.

The other text scam doing the rounds is a Hermes parcel scam. It is the same style. “Sorry we missed you earlier” (note the absence of a name) followed by a web address. Click on it and there are some immediate clues. It doesn’t look like Hermes, but it does take credit cards! Why would you pay to have a new delivery time?

Then you are led to a page for your personal details moving on to a page with your bank details.

Of course the ambition is the same. To relieve you of some cash but more importantly, to get your details. We were fortunate in that the scam arrived by text at Leveller Towers. But as we weren’t actually expecting a delivery it was quite easy to spot.

One comment

  • I had the royal mail scam and it was so wasy ti believe because i did have a parcel delivered and a card through my door. But then got a txt aaying i needed to oay postage and to put my bank detsika into a forn in kine. I didnt do it as thiught if i did i woukd go to sorting office and osy then direct.

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