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This morning South Somerset District Council announced another resignation from the senior management team.

Yesterday we reported the resignation of Jo Nacy. Jo had been in post as S151 officer (Finance Director if you will) for just on a year. Cllr Peter Seib took issue with our reporting. He told us our report on her resignation “makes it sound like a scandal and recent. In SSDC’s case it is neither”. It may not be recent, we cannot comment on that. What we can say is that SSDC councillors were not informed until yesterday. In a circular email from Nicola Hix. Which if the resignation occurred some time ago, will have been disappointing.

The new s151 officer at SSDC will be Karen Watling. She joins SSDC “with a vast amount of local authority experience, and is looking forward to working with us all.” Which is exactly what Jo Nacy would have said a year ago.

Meanwhile this morning Alex Parmley announced the resignation of Martin Woods. Mr Woods has been nothing if not loyal having served the council since 1980. These days a rare and fine record of public service. Mr Woods is/was one of 6 directors of SSDC working directly with CEO Alex Parmley.


  • If Martin Woods has been working with SSDC for more than 40 years he’s possibly coming up to retirement.

    • Quite possibly David. Not however the terms in which the email to staff members was couched. Quite simply they didn’t mention retirement. If he is retiring, what a pity the email failed to mention the fact. It might have been nice and courteous to Mr Woods as well.

    • Quite so David. 41 years of honourable public service, I think he’s earned retirement and he will eventually leave SSDC at the end of April with my heartfelt thanks for all the patient help and counsel both as Brympton Parish Chair and since 2005 as a Councillor on SSDC. What a shame it is that the Editor feels he can ignore the feelings of public servants when chasing circulation by implying scandal.

      The “terms” of the email refer to Council’s collective decision (supported by both sides) to re-organise the Senior Leadership Team roles to better meet the challenges of South Somerset’s recovery post-COVID. The debate can be seen on the SSDC YouTube Channel at It’s a far more reliable source of what’s going on at SSDC …

      • Obviously if you believe that we were not justified in referring to Mr Woods and noting “These days a rare and fine record of public service”, we can only apologise. We are not entirely sure how such a remark would be hurtful to the feelings of Mr Woods.
        As to scandal. You may have inferred it, we did not imply it.

  • Olde Somerset saying ‘if it aint broke don’t fix it’!



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