Somerset children need regular testing

Trudi Grant, Director of Public Health for Somerset is appealing to parents today.  All Somerset families and households with children can now take a free Covid-test twice every week.

Remember about a third of coronavirus cases show no symptoms. That means potentially spreading it without knowing. By using targeted and regular testing positive cases within households can be found quickly. And that in turn means prevented the virus entering schools and colleges.

Rapid ‘lateral flow’ testing detects cases quickly – in under 30 minutes. That means if you have a positive case, households can start to self-isolate for ten days immediately. This can be the difference between children being able to stay in school, or a class being sent home.

Free ‘lateral flow’ test kits are available to collect from test sites across Somerset between set times. Find your nearest Somerset test collection site here. Click and enter your postcode.

Trudi Grant, Director of Public Health at Somerset County Council said: “We urge everyone to take up this opportunity and test twice a week to help our fight against Covid. Testing regularly, even if you don’t have symptoms, helps to uncover positive cases early.  Even finding only small numbers of positive cases through this regular testing can really help keep the virus in check because every case we find prevents a whole chain of transmission with multiple people in it.

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  • Shame the kits are made in China (of all places) – you would have thought with all the employment and people on furlough we could have made them in the uk.

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