Fraudsters targeting Bridgwater residents

Avon & Somerset Police report four recent incidents of attempted fraud in and around Bridgwater. In each case the fraudsters rang up pretending to be Police Officers. These are well known frauds. The fraudsters assert that they are working on a fraud investigation.

They will tell the victim their accounts and/or identity have been compromised. In one incident the fraudster told an old lady of 90 her bank account details had been obtained.

This was a particularly sad incident where the fraudster asked the victim to take money from her account. The fraudster asked her to withdraw a four-figure sum from her bank. However he also asked her to lie to cashiers about why she was making such a large withdrawal. This should always be a clue that the caller is not genuine. Banks and Police work hand in hand to stop this sort of courier fraud. No legitimate person would ever ask you to lie to your bank about a withdrawal. She was then told to expect a courier who would take her money to safety.

The victim duly handed the money to the fake ‘courier’. She also provided personal banking information over the phone,. That in turn resulted in more cash being stolen from her account.

Police are urging any other victims in the Bridgwater area to come forward and contact them on 101. Please give the reference number 5221045252. 

They also advise us that:

  • The Police will never ask you to make a withdrawal from your bank for an investigation.
  • They will never ask you to hand over personal banking details, such as your PIN.
  • And they will never ask you to hand money to a courier who will collect it.
  • The same goes for banks and other legitimate organisations and agencies.

If you know someone who might be vulnerable or you have an elderly relative in the area, please look out for them. Make sure they know about this sort of fraud. And urge them to contact the Police if anyone attempts to use a similar method on them.

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