Somerset COVID 19 latest data

This week (to 24 February) there have been a further 436 confirmed cases of COVID 19 in Somerset. Whilst the current trend remains that new cases are dropping there is a flattening off this week. We should also keep in mind the context. Current weekly rates of new infections are still running at four times the level they were in May last year. The virus outbreak may be coming back under control, but there is still a long way to go. The table below shows tracks the weekly number of infections in recent weeks:

  • 436 to 24 February
  • 444 to 18 February
  • 819 to 10 February
  • 1,090 to 3 February
  • 1,408 to 27 January
  • 1753 to 20 January
  • 1564 to 13 January
  • 2230 to 6 January

Before we go any further however, our usual health warning about the figures.  Unlike NHS data these numbers include care homes and incidences of COVID 19 “at home”. The data is prepared to 24 February for cases (although different dates are used for some of the other figures – for instance deaths are reported to 12 February). The reason for this delay is to keep the numbers accurate – or should we say as accurate as possible. The daily totals published by the NHS are subject to constant revision, as not unreasonably, the data is constantly being updated to improve accuracy. It is also worth noting that the SCC area does not include North Somerset (so Weston hospital) or BANES (So the RUH in Bath) both of which are separate administrative areas.

Sadly the week to 12 February has again seen a high death toll albeit lower than previous weeks. However with 31 deaths recorded (compared with 57 last week) the rate of deaths is falling in line with the fall in cases. It is just following the trend 2/3 weeks in arrears. The total of COVID deaths now stands at 722 for Somerset since the outbreak began. Of the 31 deaths recorded, 13 were in Care homes, 16 in hospital and 2 at home.

In the first phase of the pandemic Sedgemoor had experienced significantly more deaths than the rest of Somerset. In the last few months that situation has changed markedly. In these figures (for the 12 February) 22 of the 31 recorded deaths were in Mendip and Somerset West & Taunton. The distribution across the county over time has become more even:

  • 204 Somerset West and Taunton
  • 180 South Somerset
  • 174 Sedgemoor
  • 164 Mendip

The R number for the South West this week is reported to have fallen. It is now within the range of 0.6 to 0.9. That adds to the confidence we can have in the number of new infections falling. The South West is now very much in line in terms of the R number, with the rest of the country.

As ever we attach the full data set so readers can see for themselves and form their own conclusions.

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