Martock Gateway sign thefts – latest

We reported in the January issue of the Leveller┬« the theft of one of the Gateway Signs to Martock. Today following some follow up questions to Avon & Somerset police we received the following statement from Chief Inspector Sharon Baker: “An investigation is ongoing following a village sign being stolen in Martock. The initial theft was not reported to police and it is currently not known when it occurred. However, the matter was brought to our attention towards the end of January when we were informed the sign was being advertised for sale on social media.

Officers attended the address of the seller in another part of Somerset and recovered the item on Tuesday 2 February so it can be returned to, or collected by, the parish council or county council. A crime has been recorded. Enquiries into what happened are continuing to establish the identity of any individual, or individuals, responsible. Those enquiries include seeking statements from witnesses and once obtained will enable us to progress our investigation. We would not routinely confirm if someone had been spoken to under caution, if asked by a witness.

We refute in the strongest possible terms any insinuation that police will accept stolen property to be returned and no questions will be asked. As in this case, a thorough and proportionate investigation would be conducted. It is common practice with any theft investigation to converse with the victim and be led by their wishes. Their views, and consideration of whether further action is in the public’s interest, would be used to decide what is the most suitable course of action: words of advice, a community resolution, caution or prosecution – with any charging decision being made by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Thankfully, the crime rate remains low in the beat area. Year-on-year the crime rate remains steady and we’ve seen a reduction in recent months, no doubt in part due to people adhering to the current lockdown restrictions, for which we’re grateful. Proactive patrols continue to be carried out in the area and earlier this week our neighbourhood team met with a representative of the parish council to discuss ways we can work together to ensure the local community remains a safe place to live.

Anyone with information about what happened regarding the theft of the sign, including when the incident happened, should call 101 and give reference number 5221017081.


  • What a load of rubbish. I’m a big supporter of the Police but that is an absolute lie about retrieving the item and no further questions asked.
    It’s about time those at the top of the Police pyramid got a grip of themselves and start serving local communities in the way their Oath of Office instructs them to.
    Absolutely fuming with the management of our A&S Police Force, not those on the ground doing what they are told to do, but the people at the top looking after their own career progression

  • So handling stolen property is no longer a criminal offence in A&S police?
    Theft … when a person dishonestly appropriates property belonging to another, with the intention of permanently depriving them of it.
    Theft no longer an offence?
    Escorting protestors whole they destroy property however is within their remit?
    The taxpayers of A&S police need to be demanding answers from the Chief Constable, and the PCC.
    The woman responding to the reports a Chief Inspector, thinks the people of A&S are stupid, and will believe any old crap she trots out.

  • Absolute lies, why are you making up figures. This was a crime why didn’t the person get arrested at the time and a section 18 search completed to see what other stolen property was there.
    Those at the top need to get a grip and start earning your wages rather than allowing this to go on.
    The public have lost confidence in you.
    Sad sad times.

  • Hopefully A&S will keep The Leveller up to date on how this case develops, including the final outcome.

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