Somerset Vaccinations: success or excess?

Last week the latest figures for COVID 19 vaccination in Somerset showed good progress. So good that in the 75-79 age bracket, 103% of the population had been vaccinated! Quite an achievement. Had they been shipping in the less fortunate from neighbouring counties?

No in fact it seems that the statistics are not quite as robust as they could be. It turns out the NHS were working on the wrong population figures when producing the graphs. Happily it seems they had the right figures to hand when sending Somerset the vaccines.

A little light heatedness aside, the programme is now very much on stream. I’m not sure how helpful league tables are when the situation is changing so rapidly (mostly in the right direction). However such tables as there are show Somerset at the top.

And as the figures below show, 100% covered in the 75-79 bracket is a good start. 96% of the over 80s (assuming the NHS had the right population totals) is pretty good too. And now 84% of the 70-74 age bracket too.

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