Nightingale Court For taunton

A new so called Nightingale Court has started in Taunton this week. This will be one of 42 similar courts opened around the country. They are to allow the system of justice to continue throughout the pandemic. These temporary Nightingale courts, have been set up across the country. They are set up specifically to enable more socially distanced trials to take place.

Temporary Nightingale courts, have been set up across the country to enable more socially distanced trials to take place, ensuring justice continues to be served. Inevitably more space is required than was previously the case. To keep everyone distanced – such as jurors, witnesses, staff, legal professionals and judges is a challenge. It certainly was in the old court buildings.

In Taunton the court will be set up within the same building as County Council meetings are held. The new court will be next to the Magistrate’s Court. It is to be housed in rooms previously used for councillor training. The venue will host both a magistrates’ and a Crown courtroom – providing vital capacity to minimise delays.

Across the country £142m has been spent on upgrading court buildings and technology. A further £110m to increase capacity. 1,600 extra staff are being hired, plexiglass screens set up in more than 450 rooms. 20,000 remote hearings take place each week, and over 290 covid-safe jury trial courtrooms are now in operation.

Courts Minister, Chris Philp MP, explains “This new Nightingale court will help to reduce delays and deliver speedier justice for victims in Taunton, and I’m grateful to Somerset County Council for providing the building.” No doubt the Government will express their appreciation in extra funding for the County Council as part of the 2021/22 financial settlement?

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  • Presume that if SCC are letting the space within its own buildings for these courts, then they’ll be receiving a rental payment. Well I would hope so!

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